Experienced, Imaginitive, Disciplined

Welcome to HJ Advisors

We offer highly personalized portfolio management services to individuals and institutions. Our disciplined investment methodology seeks to preserve capital while producing consistently above-average returns in all market environments.

What sets us apart from other investment advisors is our experience and our commitment to our clients.

When you invest with Hugh Johnson Advisors, your money is managed by Hugh Johnson, strategist and economist and our team of experienced professional investors.

What makes this truly special is knowing that you can talk to Hugh and any other member of the HJA team about your portfolio at anytime, while we, at Hugh Johnson Advisors, reach out to you often.

We work very hard to earn the trust of our clients, but we work even harder to keep that trust.

Hugh Johnson

Chairman and CIO

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Outlook Update

Listen to Hugh discuss the current market outlook in Hugh's Market Minute.

Current Version - 12/16/14
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