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for Individual and Institutional Investors

Job Opening: Analyst

Assist with the development of analytical techniques and financial modeling that drive macroeconomic forecasting, asset allocation and investment assessment.

Responsibilities include:

  • Manipulating large data sets
  • Developing and back-testing macroeconomic models and financial models to facilitate top-down analysis and portfolio management
  • Assisting with the development, testing and maintenance of a trading platform
  • Combining fundamental analysis with advanced statistical and quantitative analysis to support the investment process
  • Analyzing equity holdings and reviewing potential holdings for investment
  • Using a third party analytical tool to determine individual company valuations
  • Researching international markets and assessing the risk and return of international exposure in different investment strategies
  • Meeting with independent research organizations to understand and evaluate the use of quantitative tools such as factor models in portfolio structure decisions
  • Reviewing portfolio returns and preparing attribution analysis reports
  • Quantifying risk and developing programs that measure aggregate risk exposures
  • Preparing requests for proposals and portfolio reviews for institutional investors

Requires a Master's degree in Quantitative Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, or related field (minimum GPA of 3.5). Must have experience with or academic exposure to VBA, MATLAB, or similar programming language, economic modeling, and data/trend analysis such as hypothetic testing, VaR, or Monte Carlo simulation.

Please send resume to Dianne McKnight - - and refer to "Analyst".