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Hugh Johnson Advisors ("HJA") manages over a billion in discretionary assets and serves as a consultant for over a billion in investment assets.

Under the direction of Hugh Johnson, HJA is properly characterized as experienced, imaginative, and disciplined. Six of the nine employees have been with the company since its inception. Hugh serves as the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer and Dan Nolan serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. HJA is particularly proud of its proprietary, disciplined, and time-tested investment methodology.

Most important to Hugh Johnson Advisors is our clients. We work hard to understand a client's unique objectives before building a portfolio. We also spend as much time and effort as possible to make sure that our clients understand and feel completely comfortable with the dynamics of their respective portfolios. This means extensive and consistent client contact through personal meetings, phone calls, and e-mails. HJA is a very client-oriented investment advisor.

*First Albany Asset Management was established as a registered investment advisor in 1994 by First Albany Companies. The name of the firm was changed from First Albany Asset Management to FA Asset Management in 2003. Johnson Illington Advisors LLC ("Johnson Illington") was established in February 2005 with the purchase of the assets of FA Asset Management by individual officers of FA Asset Management and Illington Fund Management. In March of 2010, Johnson Illington purchased membership units owned by Thomas Lloyd Global Asset Management (Americas) LLC, the successor in interest to Illington Fund Management. Upon completion of this transaction, Thomas Lloyd owned 10% of Johnson Illington. At the time of this transaction, Johnson Illington was renamed Hugh Johnson Advisors LLC.

Hugh Johnson

Chairman and CIO

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