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January 24, 2018

Exciting changes are taking place at Hugh Johnson Advisors, LLC.

Joining Hugh several years ago to help build and strengthen the firm has been one of the highlights of my career. As many of you know, I did not expect to return to the asset management business after leaving Goldman Sachs. Instead I opened a small office to work on a variety of projects. But being unable to resist Hugh’s persuasive entreaties, I became a partner in a firm with a strong reputation and long history of successfully implementing a compelling investment thesis. Over the past several years, our firm has grown in both size and dimension, and we look forward to continued growth in the coming years.

Crystalyn Ye joined our portfolio management team in 2015. Crystalyn comes to us by way of Guangzhou, China and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she earned her Master’s in Quantitative Analytics. Crystalyn contributes immeasurable value to our market and economic modeling (top down analysis). She has mastered the methodology and process Hugh has refined over many years and advanced it by seamlessly incorporating sophisticated analytics into his work. She also has responsibility for assisting Charlie Brown with equity research and evaluating investment strategies under consideration for inclusion in our portfolios.

Charlie Brown, Senior Portfolio Manager has been hard at work managing our Core and Athena strategies. You might recall that Charlie created the Athena Dividend Strategy and launched it in November of 2011. The purpose of this strategy is to provide superior, long-term returns through an “all-equity” format by investing in companies that have solid businesses with a history of excellent cash flow, a healthy portion of which is returned to shareholders through dividends. The performance of Athena since inception has met all of our expectations. It provides a suitable alternative or add-on to our Core Balanced strategy for clients who can tolerate more volatility.

While Hugh continues leading our investment team as CIO and shows no signs of slowing down, it is comforting to realize that Charlie has worked alongside Hugh for 22 years and, in conjunction with the high-level analysis capacity developed through Crystalyn’s work at the firm, is perfectly situated to carry on the Hugh Johnson Advisors legacy and continue executing the firm’s investment management process for many years to come.

In late 2016, we added Andrew Halliday to our professional team. He comes to us from Halliday Financial Group where he held the posts of President and Chairman. Andrew is an attorney who practiced in Trusts and Estates before dedicating his efforts full-time to Halliday Financial. He brings significant wealth and financial planning experience to the firm. For the past year, Andrew has devoted his efforts to enhancing our technology and strengthening our wealth and financial planning capabilities. All Hugh Johnson Advisors clients can now access broad-based wealth and financial planning advice that links our client’s most important financial goals and objectives to the investment portfolios that support achieving those goals and meeting those objectives. Andrew was just named Director of Individual Client Services for the firm.

Bob Hennes was named Director of Non-Profit Client Services for the firm last year. Bob’s expertise in non-profit endowment management and fiduciary advice to non-profits delivers outstanding value to our nonprofit clients. Thoughtful and mission-informed advice on investment and spending policies, finance committee and board fiduciary responsibilities has positioned us as a leader in serving the non-profit community.

Our firm now manages $1.4 billion in discretionary assets and $1.2 billion in consulting assets, a responsibility that we approach with an immense amount of care and humility. After all, we know that our clients work with us because they trust us – and we live every day with a fierce desire to earn that trust.

We are a more dynamic firm with more professional firepower and intellectual capital than at any time in our history. Hugh and I are proud of what we have created, but even more excited about what we have yet to create. With our team of mature, experienced professionals, we intend to expand our capabilities even further.

All the best for a happy and prosperous new year and heartfelt thanks for trusting your financial future to Hugh Johnson Advisors. We are honored to count each of you among our family of clients.

Very truly yours,

Dan Nolan
President & CEO