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Investment Management

Our investment approach is to be broadly diversified across major market segments and actively responsive to changes in the economy and the capital markets. Our portfolios are conservatively managed for benchmark-like returns, but with less volatility, especially in down markets. This approach makes us a good choice for small- to mid-sized nonprofits using a small number of investment managers.

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Investment Policy Statement Review and Drafting

We will review your current investment policy, and assist you in revising or drafting a new investment policy if appropriate. We can also assist you in coordinating your investment policy and your spending policy to balance the trade-off between stable current spending and the interests of future beneficiaries. There are many essential elements to a good investment policy statement, including goals and objectives, risk tolerance, approved investments, reporting requirements and conflict of interest policy. We can make sure that your policy is complete and appropriately drafted.

Spending Policy Review and Drafting

We understand the different options for spending policies and how to use them appropriately. We can review your spending policy in the context of your investment policy statement and provide guidance on consistency.

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Fiduciary and Regulatory Guidance

Good intention is not compliance. We will familiarize you with the New York Prudent Management of Institutional Fund Act of 2010 which is the primary governing regulatory law for NY-based nonprofit funds with similar laws applying in other states.

Well-designed and drafted policies and procedures are a key part of fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities to your nonprofit. Choosing a competent investment manager and monitoring their results is less risky than attempting to make investment decisions at the board or committee level.

Mission Support

We support all of our nonprofits by discounting fees from our standard management fee schedule.