Comprehensive investment management through the integration of a top-down and bottom-up approach.

Investment Policy Statement

We develop an Investment Policy Statement in collaboration with every Hugh Johnson Advisors client. It defines the client’s goals and objectives, the risk the client is willing to assume, and the types of investments that can be included in the portfolio. The IPS guides the investment management work we do on behalf of our clients.

Investment Management

Guided by the overarching portfolio structure set forth in the Investment Policy Statement, we apply our tested investment approach to portfolio construction. Through sound diversification and thorough analysis of the securities our clients own, our goal is to provide solid, consistent returns while minimizing levels of risk.

In managing a portfolio, we integrate a top-down approach with a bottom-up approach.

The top-down approach focuses on asset allocation (increasing exposure to specific investments when our analysis indicates the “time is right” and reducing exposure to specific investments when we believe the “time is wrong”). The bottom-up approach focuses on security selection, employing tough disciplines designed to select securities that represent good value and have prospects for strong long-term performance. As with many things in life, there are no guarantees, but we work hard every day to deliver consistent returns to our clients.

We see ourselves as problem solvers, creatively finding individualized and effective solutions to your unique financial needs and desires.

As a Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary, Hugh Johnson Advisors delivers client service that’s bound by discipline and integrity to the highest legal standards, providing vigilant account stewardship.