We believe nonprofits should do well—while doing good.

Nonprofit organizations serve a higher purpose: to effect positive change in the world, to do good for the sake of doing good. We think they deserve to succeed financially because the stronger a nonprofit’s financial position, the greater its impact.

Hugh Johnson Advisors will help you realize and exceed your nonprofit’s goals with objective advice, dedicated account management, responsible stewardship, and control of investment expenses.

Your HJA team brings decades of experience to your nonprofit. Compliant with regulations, sensitive to your values, and aligned with your mission, we help you achieve a sustainable balance between spending now and protecting future beneficiaries.

You’ll appreciate our disciplined, analytical, all-weather style of investing. Our approach is risk averse and responsive to important changes in the financial market and economic environment.

Like your board of directors, Hugh Johnson Advisors owes a fiduciary responsibility to nonprofit clients. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we’re bound by the highest standards of transparency and loyalty; we put client interests above all others, including our own.

It’s how we do our part to make your world a better place.

The Miller Center

A Case Study

Does your nonprofit or institution need a single investment manager who can provide access to a broadly diversified portfolio based on investment-grade segments of the stock and bond markets?

You've worked hard.
Now it's our turn.

Our focus is your success.

As Registered Investment Advisors and fiduciaries, Hugh Johnson Advisors client service is bound by discipline and integrity to the highest legal standards, providing vigilant account stewardship.