True wealth is attaining and retaining control of your life, on your terms.

At a higher level, wealth is about far more than material possessions, the home you can afford, or the social status you achieve. True wealth is achieving the freedom to control your life today and into the future.

Since achieving a level of financial security is no longer your primary concern, money must work for you. But as you’ve come to understand, a lot of money requires a lot of management, which leaves you with no time to enjoy what you’ve achieved. That’s where Hugh Johnson Advisors comes in.

For clients whose high net worth creates complex financial needs, Hugh Johnson Advisors is one of the preeminent wealth management firms in the New York Capital Region, managing almost $1.5 billion in portfolios and consulting on more than $1 billion in investment assets.

Our culture is one of preservation and growth; protecting and increasing your wealth determines our success.

Our commitment is multigenerational. Led by senior partners and attorneys, the HJA team offers deep experience in fixed income and equity investment management, private equity, business succession planning, estate planning, insurance, tax, accounting, and more.

A fee-based Registered Investment Advisor, we’ll handle your account with the integrity, transparency, and loyalty demanded of a fiduciary, putting your interests first, always.

State-of-the-art software and our proprietary planning approach generate your personal wealth management plan. Our practical, rigorous, and data-driven methodologies create your custom investment portfolio, focused on minimizing unnecessary risks while maximizing returns.

Hugh Johnson Advisors helps you achieve things no amount of money can buy: the confidence to secure your wealth into the future, and the time to enjoy it today.

The Whitcombs

A Case Study

Once their day-to-day financial and retirement goals are met, most of our clients come looking for a way to consciously control the impact of their wealth on their family and on their community. We work with them to develop a Wealth Plan, a strategy designed to protect and grow their assets for charitable purposes and to benefit future generations.

You’ve worked hard.
Now it’s our turn.

Our focus is your success.

As a Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary, Hugh Johnson Advisors delivers client service that’s bound by discipline and integrity to the highest legal standards, providing vigilant account stewardship.