Hugh Johnson Advisors believes in goals-based wealth advice.

No matter who you are or how much money you have accumulated in your life to this point, we want to know about what you want to accomplish with your money first. Without tethering the investment management function we perform to real-life goals, we would just be producing returns in a vacuum.

Covering every major aspect of your financial life, we advise you on strategies for achieving your financial goals (your needs, wants, wishes, and dreams) and help you integrate your investments with real-life concerns.

Do you want to retire at a certain age with a specific level of income? Do you need to educate your child or children between now and then? At what schools? How much of that total cost do you want to supply? Do you have the desire to make an impact on your community (however you may define that)? Are there loved ones beyond your immediate family that you feel obligated to support financially? What is your biggest financial concern? 

Your financial success may have made it possible for you, like many of our clients, to look past the costs of daily living and toward the legacy you will leave and your impact on your family and communityHugh Johnson Advisors will advise you on the best way to achieve those goals, too, guiding you through effective estate and tax planning and working with the other professionals on your team to integrate everything into a cohesive plan.

The Power of a Plan

WealthPlan360 is the core of our wealth management process. Driven by a highly sophisticated software system, WealthPlan360 captures both static and changing information, projects a variety of future scenarios, quantifies the probability of success for your financial objectives, and provides actionable insights aimed at increasing the likelihood of success.

The Power of Connection

HJA’s data consolidation service is an ultra-secure resource empowering our clients to remain in constant contact with up-to-date financial information at any time on any device.  Able to track everything from investment account balances and credit card purchases to insurance policies and bank balances, this system consolidates your financial information to ensure you can see the entire picture in one place. Your Personal Financial Website’s Vault allows you to store important documents (e.g., wills, insurance policies) in one secure location.

Because WealthPlan360 and your personal financial website are fully integrated, your wealth plan is constantly updated as investment returns and cash flows change.

We see ourselves as problem solvers, creatively finding individualized and effective solutions to your unique financial needs and desires.

As a Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary, Hugh Johnson Advisors delivers client service that’s bound by discipline and integrity to the highest legal standards, providing vigilant account stewardship.